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LivingWell believes in active longevity. You can take control of how your body and mind is shaped throughout the years – we want to give you those tools


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When it comes to your health, no compromises. We use evidence-based diagnostics and use them to determine root causes. From there, you can make an informed choice with the options we present you.

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LivingWell Liquid Gold POEMs™ is the only & ideal way to replenish your body’s precious Parent Original EFAs. Your body cannot make Parent Oils Essential Minerals (POEMs) but are “essential” to all of the cells in your body. The only way to get these nutrients is through your diet, and if you eat processed foods then most of the EFAs you are getting are already altered by food processing

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Thus, at Living Well, I was not only able to cure my illness but I was able to learn how to live well and balanced without compromising the joy of life. In fact, I am enjoying the wellbeing that I had achieved because my general health improved. The things that improved alongside with my illness were an improvement in my sleeping better, having more energy to do more physical activities and have better concentration span when focusing on mental tasks.
Ken Yeng, Read more
In the midst of my “research” I came to know Phillip Yiin via an article written by him in Malaysian Insider. We met up twice. On the second meeting, he advised that I do the blood and tissue test before he could determine the next course of action. On the following visit, I took a 10 days detox programme to address some of the health issues. Toward the last few days of the detox program, I was surprised that my blood pressure did drop to 110/70. I also experienced losing 3+ kg on along the way. My sugar level dropped from 6.1 to 5.3. I am now off both the cholesterol and high blood medications and my daily blood pressure have been reading a range of 110/70+ to120/80. Well within the wellness range!
Ah Kin, Read more
I already lost 2kg weight during this time. From then on, with some recommended exercises with resistance bands, and LivingFood nutrition and supplements, I got firmer and lost more flab around the tummy and upper arms. My health profile which included a comprehensive blood test and a heavy metal test (and tissue mineral analysis), started to improve.

Today, a little over a year after I first met Philip and started on a protocol to deal with menopause issues like insomnia, anxiety attacks and other related health issues like borderline hypertension, I feel not like my old self… no, I feel like a new me. A better me.

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