The LivingWell Team



Stirling Yiin, MSc. BSc. Dip Naturopathic Nutrition

Stirling Yiin completed a MSc. in Cellular and Molecular Medicine and graduated with a BSc. in Biochemistry with Molecular Biology and BioTechnology with the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. During this time he has also completed a postgraduate diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. Orthomolecular medicine is the future for all chronic and degenerative diseases and Stirling is contributing towards eradicating metabolic pre-disease states through LivingWell functional health protocols. Active Aging, Active Living and Active Longevity are long term goals designed for all his patients and inculcating health literacy through Institute for Functional Health Malaysia.


Philip Yiin, LivingWell-LivingFood Specialist, Certified Anti-Aging Specialist

Philip Yiin is a certified functional health consultant and LivingFood specialist with many years of experience helping clients achieve their goals from reducing and eliminating their dependency on drugs to weight management and bio-identical hormone modulation through LivingWell protocols. He has been accredited from prestigious institutions such as the Royal Society of Medicine-UK, General Hypnotherapy Standards Council-UK and Medical communities both abroad and local. He is also board certified for anti aging bio-identical hormone modulation. As co-founder of Institute for Functional Health Malaysia, Philip continues to generate awareness in active wellness, innovate wellness protocols and contributing to achieving practical outcomes with cutting edge technologies.

Kader Portrait LF

Dr Abdul Kader Hussain, MBBS, FAAP-USA

Dr Kader received his MBBS from the University of Malaya in 1972 and was awarded an associate professorship in paediatrics in 1984 from UKM. Since then, he has gained a strong reputation as an experienced veteran and pioneer of integrative medicine using natural remedies as frontline health solutions. A true practitioner in the use of healing foods, Dr Kader invests in adequate time for a detailed understanding of his patients, synonymous with personalised healing concepts. Dr Kader’s medical expertise is invaluable in the appreciation of various healing perspectives through lifestyle and nutritional coaching for healing of the human frame.

MokhtarMokhtar Ahmad, CWC, Water & Nutraceutical Specialist

A well known speaker and health consultant, Mokhtar needs no introduction amongst the Nutrilite community. A staunch advocate of Functional Health and well known for leading by example, he practices what he preaches.He is a founding member of Institute for Functional Health and a senior trainer within the LivingWell group. He provides consultation on metabolic syndrome and precursors to degenerative diseases having successfully reversed diabetic conditions through LivingWell protocols.

Sundarum M, CWC, Mentoring & Training Specialist

Sundarum is a certified health consultant and senior trainer under the Institute for Functional Health. He advocates that the future of wellness lies in creating awareness in lifestyle intervention and drug intervention as a last resort. Sundarum pursues his passion in wellness through creating awareness in wellness concepts and mentoring on true preventive medicine through early stage detection of wellness rather than sickness treatment with LivingWell protocols. Sundarum is a senior trainer within the Institute for Functional Health group.

Henry Chan, CWC, Physical Training Specialist

A prominent figure amongst hiking enthusiasts, Henry’s foray into the all terrain fitness approach is well known. A certified wellness consultant and with a passion for eradicating degenerative diseases, Henry leads by example with weekly outdoor activities and is constantly on the move. Henry past experience in the fast food industry provides for an excellent insight into the pitfalls of life in the fast lane. He is a firm believer in LivingWell protocols and LivingFood lifestyle approaches. As a trainer with the Institute for Functional Health group, he is no doubt a specialist in all physical aspects of wellness.

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