Why Use LivingWell Enhanced External Counterpulsation?

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    Natural Non-Invasive Bypass

    Create collateral blood vessels that overcome blood vessel blockages.

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    Integrated Protocols

    Surpass regular EECP using a proven portfolio of healing modalities – create synergies for better results, faster.

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    Bullet Proof Your Cardiovascular System

    Reinforce an anti-fragile cardiovascular system with more energy than you could possibly imagine.

LivingWell Enhanced EECP Protocols

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EECP stands for enhanced external counterpulsation and is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment approved by the US FDA.

A natural bypass process of building a stronger collateral networkto better supply the heart with blood is the basis for a non-invasive treatment for angina and heart failure. It passively exercises the heart muscle to strengthen the vascular system and reduce chronic inflammation that contributes to plaque buildup.

LivingWell Advanced EECP Protocols take EECP a step further to allow the growth of collateral blood vessels

“I had 2 90% blocks, stents were put in, five years later I had
another attack and bypass was suggested. I decided the
source of the problem was never addressed by my cardiologist
and went for EECP. That was 7 years ago. Next month I have
booked to climb mount Kinabalu to prove the point”

Terrence D’Cruz, 61 Years Old, Kuala Lumpur

How Does It Work?

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What Do I Have To Do To Begin?

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    Give Us A Call

    Drop us a line to speak to a consultant about how EECP can help you and your loved ones

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    Mention Your Physician

    If you were referred by your physician, please mention so immediately

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    Visit One Of Our Centres

    Drop by a LivingWell Centre that can implement a complete LivingWell Enhanced EECP Protocol

Common Questions About EECP Malaysia

EECP is not for everyone. The MUST-EECP study excluded patients who had a heart attack or bypass surgery in the preceding three months. Anyone with severe heart weakness or congestive heart failure was also omitted from the trial. Because the timing of the compressors requires a stable heart rhythm, anyone with cardiac rhythm abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation or other irregularities was not included. Patients who have very poor circulation of the legs or severe varicose veins may be not tolerated the strong leg compressions that are an integral part of EECP.

Patients aren’t good candidates for EECP if they have left main artery disease, significant aortic insufficiency, an abdominal aortic aneurysm, severe peripheral vascular disease, lower extremity edema, or frequent atrial arrhythmia, have a history of deep vein thrombosis, or are pregnant.

Angina is usually controlled by medication that helps increase the supply of oxygen to the oxygen-deprived heart muscle by dilating coronary vessels or decreasing the demand for oxygen.
Unfortunately, in most patients, medication becomes less effective over time.
EECP treatment may be used to treat any patient with chronic stable angina, but it is usually reserved for patients taking medication that is losig its effectiveness.
The EECP procedure is a noninvasive outpatient treatment that is used to relieve or eliminate angina. It is believed to create new pathways around blocked arteries in the heart by expanding networks of tiny blood vessels that help increase blood flow to the heart muscle.
Unlike procedures such as bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty, EECP treatment can be administered in outpatient sessions, carries little or no risk, and is relatively comfortable.
No. Some patients with more extensive disease or those who have disease of the left main coronary artery require bypass surgery. EECP treatment is an option for patients who are unsuitable for or unwilling to undergo, invasive procedures. For patients who have undergone multiple invasie procedures and for whom additional surgery carries excessive risk, EECP treatment may be the only way to obtain relief from crippling angina.
EECP treatment can reduce or eliminate the frequency and intensity of chest pain, decrease the need for medication, and greatly improve the ability to participate in activities of daily living. After receiving EECP treatment, patients often are able to enjoy moderate exercise for the first time since developing angina.
During treatment, patients lie on a padded table in which sets of electronically-controlled inflation and deflation valves are located. These valves are connected to specially designed adjustable cuffs that are wrapped firmly, but comfortably, around the patient’s cavles, lower thighs and upper thighs, including the buttocks. While the heart is in its resting phase, the cuffs are inflated sequentialy and rapidly from the calves toward the buttocks. The cuffs are then deflated instantaneously just before the heart beats. This causes the heart umscle to receive an increased blood supply while reducing the heart’s work load.

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The EECP Malaysia Opportunity

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation (EECP) therapy is a safe, non-expensive, non-invasive and FDA approved, effective alternative approach to treating coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetic gangrene and a range of other circulatory disorders.

EECP Malaysia aims to inform, address and make EECP available to individuals who need it all over the country. It has the potential to save countless lives and billions of dollars. Heart attack is one of the top killers in the country.

Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) is one the deadliest and expensive diseases in the World. 785,000 Americans suffer a heart attack every year. 25% of all heart attacks are SILENT – there are no clear or obvious symptoms. It can often be confused with indigestion, tiredness or fatigue, chest pain and other preferred pains. EECP Malaysia is solving a very real problem.