Balancing To Eliminate Disease

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Balancing some of the key minerals that we take for granted is an important aspect of good health. A key precursor of a majority of chronic and degenerative conditions ie. cardio vascular diseases, diabetes, gout etc. is insulin.

Conventional wisdom tells us that insulin is needed to lower your blood sugar and that would be correct except that it’s not that simple. Insulin has many other effects and one of these is to store excess sugar in order to regulate sugar, much in the same way that your body regulates acidity by precipitating uric acid crystals.

When your body notices that sugar is elevated, it is a sign that you’ve got more than you need; you’re not burning it so it is accumulating in your blood. So insulin will be released to take that sugar and store it. How? As glycogen?

Your body stores very little glycogen at any one time, only about 5 per cent. All the glycogen stored in your liver and muscle wouldn’t last you through one active day. Once you fill up your glycogen stores, that sugar is stored as saturated fat.

So the idea of recommending a high complex-carbohydrate, low-saturated-fat diet is an absolute oxymoron. A high-complex-carbohydrate diet is nothing but a high-glucose diet, or a high-sugar diet. Your body is just going to store it as saturated fat and as you can see, your body makes it into saturated fat quite readily.

Balancing of daily food composition is the key with adequate portions of complex carbs but more predominantly, healthy fats and proteins.

Silent killers

The top killer in the world is still heart disease. Congestive heart failure creeps up on you and before you know it, your doctor tells you it is irreversible and you are on drugs for life and in this case, a rather short one. The negative effects of sodium in the body is well-known but how?

We all know that sodium contributes to high blood pressure; it causes water retention which makes the heart work harder and high sodium food-like substances are everywhere and sanctioned by all governments as safe to consume.

All colas contain high salt to the extent that if less than 10 spoons of sugar was added, it would taste salty instead of sweet. This is part of the addictive process to induce excessive consumption.

Your body does not need to taste the saltiness in order to drive you towards drinking more and more when it is actually telling you to drink more water, not sugary salts.

The insulin spikes from the 10 spoons of sugar causes insulin spikes which lead to further retention of sodium, which causes more retention of fluid, which causes compounded high blood pressure and fluid retention: congestive heart failure. They creep up on you till it’s too late.

The potassium in our body is antagonized by the high sodium and its levels drop. We all know the benefits of a good balance in potassium levels. It is required for the functioning of all our body organs as all our 10 trillion cells need it inside them.

The most important mineral in your body where silent killers are concerned is magnesium. The processed foods in shiny packages are all devoid of magnesium. The soil that our fresh produce comes from is low in magnesium. The added calcium in our dairy and hundreds of other processed products make it worse for us as excessive calcium is antagonistic to magnesium absorption.

The effects of low magnesium? Your blood vessels constrict and you get high blood pressure. It is required in more than 300 enzymatic processes in our body and that covers potentially every single enzyme action.

What makes it worse is that the majority of magnesium supplements available in the market is actually quite useless. The absorption is so dismal, you might as well donate the money to charity.

Lack of magnesium affects our sleep, our moods, our bowel movements, our energy levels, our hormones, etc. So the trick is how to help our body absorb this mineral and know what your mineral deficiencies are.

Get suitable supplements such as magnesium sulphate but these are largely used as injections to remedy deficiencies. If preventive measures are sought, eat more sprouted pumpkin seeds, almonds or walnuts.

One of the strongest stimulants of the sympathetic nervous system is a high level of insulin. What does this do to the heart? Not very good things.

Heart attacks are two to three times more likely to happen after a high-carbohydrate meal and are specifically NOT likely after a high-fat meal. The immediate effects of raising your blood sugar from a high-carbohydrate meal is a rise in insulin. This immediately triggers the sympathetic nervous system, which will cause arterial spasm, or constriction of the arteries.

If anyone is prone to a heart attack, this is when they are going to get it especially if your magnesium and other minerals supporting this is deficient. Balancing the types of sugar sources and minerals are essential!

Reversing hypertension

The problem with a typical treatment for cholesterol is they put you on statins without a good quality CoQ10 which is involved in energy production.

A common side effect of people who are on all these statins is diminishing energy levels; one of the symptoms is their arms feel heavy. Well, the heart is a muscle too and it’s going to feel heavy from lack of energy.

The number of people on hypertensive drugs and statins is massive, including many of my friends and relatives. They trust everything their doctor tells them even though this may be seriously flawed.

Trust what your body tells you. These drugs can mess up your hormones, bring down your energy levels, and create a chain reaction to adding more drugs to mitigate earlier drug induced symptoms.

If this is happening to you, get a second opinion.

One of the best treatments for a weak heart is CoQ10 (for congestive heart failure). But drug companies would recommend shutting CoQ10 production off so that they can treat a number.

Homocysteine is now medically shown to be a far more serious risk for heart disease yet a majority of patients are not tested for this marker. I wrote about the inadequacy of typical screening and this is another typical example.

You can classify this as part of allopathic iatrogenicity. Women at pre menopause age are especially at risk. They need help not only with removing undesirable symptoms but the silent damage from osteoporosis and diminishing heart wellness.

All such patients should detoxify and immediately they will feel more energy and nagging symptoms such as back pain and muscle weakness will go away.

They can even stay off unnecessary drugs with proper nutritional balancing depending on their lifestyle preferences. It really is amazing what some balance in your lifestyle and nutrition can achieve.


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