Blood Pressure Medication That Causes Cancer

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A recent Danish study published in the Journal of the American Association of Dermatology found that one of the most popular hypertensive drugs in the World raises the risk of skin cancer by SEVEN TIMES.

Anton Pottegard, Ph.D., associate professor from the University of Southern Denmark. who initiated the study says:

“We knew that hydrochlorothiazide made the skin more vulnerable to damage from the sun’s UV rays, but what is new and also surprising is that long-term use of this blood pressure medicine leads to such a significant increase in the risk of skin cancer.”

These findings are consistent with past research that has shown that such hypertensive medication.

In addition to this, earlier this month, a recent announcement by the American Heart Association about the diagnosis of hypertension will result in nearly half of all Americans diagnosed as sufferers. That’s a lot of new prescriptions.