Why do our immune system, having served us so well in the past despite our lousy lifestyle, come to some point where it failed to work like the way it did before? Why was it able to contain cancer then and why not now? Why, what and how? These were questions that puzzled and bothered me as I encounter friends coming down with life threatening cancer.

Cancer treatment in a private hospital is a costly affair beside the suffering. When a wealthy person is down with cancer, finance is not his issue. His problem is he cannot afford to die. To an average wage earner, his issue is not dying, his problem is whether he can afford to live.

The reality of chronic illnesses and cancer comes closer home to me as I hear such news from my inner circle of friends and the cost factor really bothered me. That puts me on a “research journey” to find answers to my “why, what and how”, and it began during this Chinese New Year break.

I am 57 years old and have been on medication for cholesterol and high blood pressure. I had an impeding issue which greatly concerned me, it was my sugar level which was approaching pre-diabetic level. I know diabetic patient is four times likely to get cancer besides getting other hosts of health issues.

In the midst of my “research” I came to know Phillip Yiin via an article written by him in Malaysian Insider. We met up twice. On the second meeting, he advised that I do the blood and tissue test before he could determine the next course of action. On the following visit, I took a 10 days detox programme to address some of the health issues. Toward the last few days of the detox program, I was surprised that my blood pressure did drop to 110/70. I also experienced losing 3+ kg on along the way. My sugar level dropped from 6.1 to 5.3. I am now off both the cholesterol and high blood medications and my daily blood pressure have been reading a range of 110/70+ to120/80. Well within the wellness range!

This indeed an educational and satisfying experience. The invaluable lesson I learned from Phillip is, with some lifestyle changes, eating the right food and drinking the right water, we are not only capable of doing damage control but we can also reverse our chronic diseases.

My rational to walk this journey is, I do not want my poor health to be a burden to my children. I can do some thing to prevent myself from going to the hospital sooner than I am supposed to. And even if I were to be admitted in, I hope that should be a much shorter stay instead of a long one.

It is now a great relief to live without prescription drugs!

I will continue my journey to maintain wellness. By doing so, I believe I will easily gain an extra 3 to 5 years of quality life. Like our car, it is cheaper to maintain than to repair.


Khin, Kuala Lumpur, June 2013