I first came to LivingFood to do a food review about a year ago. Three months later, I noticed positive changes in my friends who had undertaken a detoxification with Philip Yiin, functional health specialist and elected to take up a detoxification regime myself with LivingWell.

I already lost 2kg weight during this time. From then on, with some recommended exercises with resistance bands, and LivingFood nutrition and supplements, I got firmer and lost more flab around the tummy and upper arms.  My health profile which included a comprehensive blood test and a heavy metal test (and tissue mineral analysis), started to improve.

The blood test revealed a very low level of certain hormones, which is suggestive that it could lead to arrhythmia, which I had been suffering from at that time. My other hormone levels were subsequently modulated after I used the creams every night. My irregular heartbeat went away, though it would occur occasionally when I drank too much coffee. I was no longer alarmed by it.

The weight lost with a healthy food and exercise regime remained, even though I fall off the wagon sometimes or got lazy. I still take my Daily Signature with other LivingWell supplements and apply the creams, which also helps me with better quality sleep. I have an improved energy level as well.

The LivingWell protocols including its nutritional regime has certainly helped me mitigate the side effects of daily ‘less than ideal’ food choices. I recommend everyone to be more pro-active in health management rather than sickness management.


Kuala Lumpur 10 May 2013