I was very impressed with Philips enthusiasm and knowledge of natural foods, vitamin supplements, and most importantly bio-identical hormones.

I was looking for a more natural approach to my health.

I was unable to go through the traditional route of hormone replacement because of close family history of breast cancer.

I was going through menopause and knew the problems I was experiencing:

low energy, mood swings, and extreme vaginal dryness, were all attributed to my low hormones.

Philip and I had a good discussion on the different options open through a more natural approach. Fresh foods, vitamins, and bio-identical hormones.

I went for a thorough blood analysis, had all my levels checked, and received the results quickly.

I was extremely low in progesterone, estrogen and testosterone levels.

Once receiving the information, Philip put me on a personalized vitamin, and bio-identical hormone regime.

After a couple of months we had another chat to see how I was feeling and if things were improving. Another blood analysis which showed all levels coming up!

I am thrilled to say after 6 months I have seen a remarkable improvement in all areas.

The most remarkable for me being the vaginal dryness. I have tried everything, even a small surgery for endometriosis, which was suppose to be a large

contributor to the problem. Nothing had worked ……. until now.

With Philips passion, knowledge and enthusiasm for a natural approach to health and lifestyle changes, it has certainly been to my benefit!


Corinne Symonds