Ken Yeng Yi Tang 5/8/2014

Testimonial for Living Well
I suffered from chronic dermatitis since 8 years old and this condition is
still present today. I only had tiny spots of rashes around my neck, behind my
knees and on my arm when I was 8 years old. Apart form that, my lips tended to

My solution for the first 10 years since the age of 8 was to approach
different dermatologists each time the symptoms appeared. I was prescribed
anti-histamines, lotions and steroid ointments as a countermeasure against my
symptoms. This method only worked temporarily. Each time the symptoms
returned, the area where the symptoms were present became larger. Knowing
so, I tried Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) along the way as well. I tried
different method offered by the practitioners from blood suction through
cupping, to acupuncture, to drinking herbal medicine and applying certain
ointment made out of herbs. Through TCM, I did not make progress in terms of
clearing my symptoms. Besides that, I also tried the “Naigaikyoukou Method”
which managed to cure my condition for a year until I started ingesting toxins
from processed food and flavoring. The practitioner who guided me through the
“Naigaikyoukou Method“ did not advice me how to maintain a balanced lifestyle.
My experience with that method is difficult as the process is very uncomfortable.
My next solution was through diet change from vegetarian to vegan to raw
vegan. Nutritionists who practice naturopathy advised me to follow the diet
change. Despite so, the supplements that I was advised to take was based on
guess work which is according to the symptoms I have and generally based on
what a raw vegan must take. Thus, my condition was never cured completely,
despite trying out different regiment for a number of years at different countries.

This condition was reversed when I met Living Well in May 2014. The
first thing I was advised to do was to do a comprehensive blood test and mineral
analysis from my hair tissues. Next, I was given supplements according to what
was deficient based on the test results. At Living Well, I was introduced to the
Healing Fields program, a special integrated Sauna together with Body Tech,
which is an electro muscle stimulator and other electro medicine modalities. My
experience with Living for the first week, by doing an intensive detoxification
program, through the supplements as well as the integrated sauna, my
symptoms cleared 60%. My itchiness had also reduced significantly. As my
tissues were overloaded with heavy metals, I was prescribed natural heavy metal
chelators to remove them from my tissues. As I did this detoxification
intensively, I was guided my practitioner step by step in detail. The symptoms
reappeared on the 2nd and 3rd week while going through this process. On the 5th
and 6th week of the detoxification, my condition was reversed by 80%. There was
no obvious presence of my symptoms by the time I reach the 5th week. In
conjunction to the supplements as well as the FIR, I continuously drink Kangen
Water, which helped me to alkalize my blood acidity. Moreover, I was introduced
to the ANESPA which gave me clean ion water to shower and to take baths.
Showering with this water reduced my itchiness significantly. Besides that, I did
myofascial bodywork, which is available in Living Well, which further improved
my recovery rate. Ken Yeng Yi Tang 5/8/2014

There was significant positive change to my new blood test result 2
months after my first blood test was taken. Overall, the symptoms that I suffered
for more than 10 years were recovered in the span of 2 months. At present, I
achieved more freedom in my diet and lifestyle than I had in the last 10 years.
However, I was still advised to take real food and water from sources that are as
clean and as natural as possible. Thus, at Living Well, I was not only able to cure
my illness but I was able to learn how to live well and balanced without
compromising the joy of life. In fact, I am enjoying the wellbeing that I had
achieved because my general health improved. The things that improved
alongside with my illness were an improvement in my sleeping better, having
more energy to do more physical activities and have better concentration span
when focusing on mental tasks.

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