So, What Exactly Do We Do?

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    Find out what’s causing your symptoms – eliminate the guess work, save time, save money.

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    Root out and eliminate the cause of your condition – natural drug-free solutions without harmful effects.

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    You’ve graduated! Maintain your optimal state of health.

Better Assessments

Reactive Insights

Don't worry - we'll get you out of the woods and out of trouble.

Identifying disease drivers

Comprehensive Blood Screening
Urine hCG Tests
BioResonance Scanning

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Preventative Insights

Getting one step ahead. Prevention is better than cure.

One Step Ahead

Hair/Nail Toxicity & Mineral Analysis
Circulating Tumour Cell Testing (the "liquid biopsy")

More About HTMA

PreEmptive Insights

Creating the future you want. One step at a time.

One In A Lifetime Testing

DNA Metabolic Risk Profiling
DNA Disease Risk Profiling

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Better Natural Interventions

Nutrition & Fundamentals