Why We Use Enagic Kangen Water Machines?

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As I mentioned in an earlier article, we get a lot of questions about why we recommend the machine we recommend for patients and clients. As an experienced cancer coach, there can be no compromise in quality and our clients demand results. To this end, our priority is delivering those results without question. In this post, I will outline some of the reasons we recommend using Enagic Kangen Water machines with our protocols.

We’ve already mentioned some of these ideas in brief in an earlier post on buying a water device.  This post will go into a bit more detail and build on the previous one. If you haven’t already read it, I would recommend you do so to get a bit of extra background.

Electrolysis Plate Quality

When buying a car, one of the key considerations is the engine and the general quality of it’s build. In a Kangen Water machine, this is the electrolysis plates – they are the components directly responsible for the quality of water produced by the machine. The size and surface area are the primary considerations – they influence the ORP and pH of the water, which if you recall, are the parts of the water that impart a good deal of its benefit.

How big? As big as you can get. The Enagic Kangen Water machines offer the greatest plate size of any ioniser in the market today – competitor plate sizes can be as small as even a credit card! Not that you can tell from the size of the machine.

Now, we recommend using solid plates even though some manufacturers will use mesh plates. On the face it, the mesh plates offer more surface area and seem like a good idea. However, at the end of the day, this is really just a way for manufacturers to save cost to the detriment of the machine. Mesh plates are more vulnerable and break down more easily due to heat and contraction of the electrolysis process. This expansion and contraction causes cracks in the platinum-coated titanium plates that expose the inner titanium core to water resulting in more damage and frequent repairs. Furthermore, the machine has a shorter half life in areas with hard water – manufacturers will even void their warranty if hard water is used! This is because the mesh plates accumulate more deposits and require more frequent cleaning as a result.

Power Output

If you read our earlier blog post, you know that power output determines how robust and how much “antioxidant potential” is stored in the water. The wattage of your machine will determine how potent the machine is. Like a light bulb, a higher wattage machine is more potent – it produces increased ionisation of water. The flagship unit for Enagic, the SD501, has a wattage of 230 watts compared to the 80 – 200 watts of its average competitors. This means it can sustain greater water output and produce more robust water.

Ease Of Use & Lifespan

All the Kangen Water machines we recommend come WITHOUT expensive service contracts – everything was designed to be easy and hassle-free. So easy you can install and maintain the machine yourself. Think about that for a moment. A medical device that is portable and doesn’t leave you dependent on the manufacturer.

How long does it last? The typical machine we recommend has a 25 year life expectancy and a 5 year international warranty!

Closing Notes

These are some of the key considerations when considering a water device and why we recommend the one we do. For a more personalised look and more information, a formal consultation is required but these pointers serve as a good primer for most the begin looking deeper.