Why Use Ionised Water?

In Articles, Phil Says by Philip Yiin

Kangen is a Japanese word that means return to origin. Alkaline ionised structured water promises to be a restorative water that supports (and SOMETIMES, creates) optimal health. While there is are a number of technical reasons as to why this might be but beyond that, our experience is that this water can be used to create a positive impact on anybody’s health. It has helped worked synergistically with virtually every other modality we’ve used alongside it.

In this article, I’d like to take the time to highlight some of the benefits that people experience when put on the water:

Accelerated Regeneration

We said that every other modality we’ve used works synergistically with Kangen Water. What I’ve noticed is that patients who drink alkaline ionised structured water recover and get results faster. When paired with specific recommendations and interventions tailored made for them using various clinical diagnostics (eg. blood test/serum analysis, hair tissue mineral analysis, genetic profiling…etc). What typically takes a matter of months can happen in weeks when the CORRECT intervention is paired with Kangen Water.


Imagine a human being living in a house. This house is squalid, dilapidated, messy and dirty. The toilet is blocked and smelly and the lights don’t really work. The air is stale and there is barely any circulation. It is very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. This human being might survive… but he or she definitely won’t thrive.

Modern lifestyles mean that we demand more things faster and in order to keep up, both businesses and ourselves have taken to making more and more shortcuts. Unfortunately, there is no free lunch and these shortcuts eventually come around – instant made processed foods and bigger blemish free fruits and vegetables mean more processing and more pesticide use. Chemicals infiltrate every part of our daily life and compromised our internal processes. On our hair tissue mineral analyses, we see high levels of various heavy metal toxicities in patients and clients. From water, flame retardants in chemicals in furniture and electronics, from seafood, from baked goods…etc the list could go on.

What does this have to do with Kangen Water?

By supplying better quality water to your body, these detoxification systems work better and function more effectively. The water clears our and flushes the body by virtue of its special properties and supports your internal detoxifying systems. You see, the body is constantly working to remove toxins and waste metabolites – by providing adequate resources, the body can do what it was made to do and flush out unwanted toxins. It is when they’re overburdened that the ground becomes ripe for disease to emerge.

Get Up & Go

Patients who go on Kangen water as part of a complete protocol also tend to get more energy – as the water alleviates various sources of stress on the body, it is free to do other things. You can imagine the impact this has on anybody’s quality of life. If you had more productive and focussed hours in a day, what would you do? If you had more drive and motivation, how much more money would you make? How much more quality time would you spend with your family?

Everybody drinks water and every biochemical process in the body uses water. Why not provide a better kind of water?