When Will I Be Cured?

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This million dollar question is one of the most frequently asked and it is entirely valid when it comes to infectious diseases. For degenerative conditions such as cancer, the answers are trickier and that’s perhaps why chronic diseases inspire so much apathy.

It is one thing to struggle against an acute infection with antibiotics for a week but when suddenly asked to make lifestyle changes that last a lifetime, I am sure we all know a few people who would rather just give up.

It is like learning the guitar – it eventually ends up gathering dust in the corner once aspiring rock stars realize it takes years of practice and not a 15-minute YouTube video to reap real benefits.

But there is a better way.

Ultimately, even cancer isn’t to be feared – one should aim to contain and look for positive solutions to support the body through the stress that accompanies any chronic disease.

In fact, some therapists consider it “easier” to deal with cancer than heart attacks! It is the journey which determines whether one is successful in “curing” the chronic condition and how early the destination is reached depends largely on how one decides to embark on the journey.

All journeys begin with a single step – but rarely do they end with it.

We all know that there is no magic pill and yet the majority of us maintain the illusion that there is a miracle in a bottle somewhere for us or a loved one. The key as always is with preventing degenerative conditions rather than trying to reverse them.

Our journey to strengthen lifestyle and nutrition can be designed with thoughtfulness, convenience and, dare I say it, good taste in mind. Like automobiles, it is all in the design.

Anticipation of cures?

In the previous articles on cancer, it was established that despite enormous amounts of money funnelled into cancer research today, outcomes are still regressive with patients dying within five years after receiving all or part of the standard cancer treatment trinity— slash-burn-poison or surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. This is not too surprising when you consider that two of the three are carcinogenic themselves!

Over the last century, a number of natural cancer treatments have been developed and used successfully to treat patients in the US and other countries. All have been vehemently discounted, silenced, and pushed under the rug by the medical monopoly.

It is not that medical doctors are not interested in natural solutions. Many of them whom I am personally acquainted with fear being attacked, smeared, sent to prison, and professionally ruined for daring to defy the medical establishment.

In order to protect the medical monopoly, any viable natural treatment is met with massive opposition by the pharmaceutical and medical industries. Drug companies have no interest in natural agents that they cannot patent, because they interfere with their revenue stream.

But I already have cancer!

There’s no need to fear cancer—it is only a word and not a “death sentence.” First and foremost, decisions must be made in an informed manner as most such decisions are irreversible and time may not be on your side.

To make such informed decisions, you are encouraged to speak to someone… perhaps a cancer coach who will be able to advise you on various options, preferably both allopathic and naturopathic.

Take the case of Jane who was about 50 when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer three years ago. Her oncologist told her that she had about six months to live.

It all sounded very grim after being told by the oncologist that even after the slash-burn-poison approach, her outcome would at best be to extend her life by another year with no assurance of a decent quality of life.

After doing her own research, she decided to go for “underground” natural therapies which her husband and family members objected to. She started the whole nine yards of the cancer reversal journey; she ate healthy, she lived healthy, she travelled to destress and improve mind health and she exercised with walks and so on.

She focused on her wellness rather than attacking the sickness. Just by living healthy, she managed to keep her cancer cells at bay and prevent them from further propagating for years.

She lived mostly with her children who were studying overseas but when she returned to Asia, she “forgot” about her wellness journey. The unhealthy lifestyle propagated her cancer further and even though she heeded her family’s advice to undergo part of the slash-burn-poison therapy, she died shortly after.

Her wellness journey may not have been sufficient in this case to heal her as she left it till such a late stage and was too weak to undergo invasive protocols.

Another example is that of an elderly man with end stage prostate cancer who truly travelled the whole nine yards of natural therapies. He had a positive outcome which was outlined in the previous article titled “What your oncologist won’t tell you.”

Our immune system is the key to successfully managing cancer cells which are present in all of us. The emphasis on an attacking mode only serves to degrade our healthy cells further.

More and more allopathic medicine doctors are now adopting more natural therapies but these will unfortunately be confined to the “underground” movement.

The single misperception is the idea that degenerative conditions are cured with a dose of nutrition; in reality it’s the journey and not the destination. The journey of appropriate internal cleansing, adequate oxygenation and the balancing of acid stress with the right guidance.

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